LeeJ Pres. - Tranceality 059 on AH.FM 13-08-2023


Jul 27, 2007
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Spread Your Wings (Extended Mix) - Talla 2xlc,JES
Daydream (Extended Mix) - TroniKol
Till The Sun Is Up High (Extended Mix) - Natalie Gioia
Ocean Wave (Extended Mix) - Master Beat Projekt
The Silence (AstroFegs Remix) - Mike Koglin
Dawn (Extended Mix) - Sneijder
Element One (Extended Mix) - Iain M
Sacrosanct (Will Rees Extended Remix) - Factor B
Full Circle (Extended Mix) - Jackob Roenald
The Fall (Extended Mix) - Jennifer Rene, Drival
So Alive (Extended Mix) - Elvira, AlexSo
Rise Again (Extended Mix) - Hiromori Aso
Illusion (Original Mix) - Den Shender
A Life Within Your Thoughts (Original Mix) - Artena
Heart Medicine (Extended Mix) - Angelus
CHILDREN (Extended Solarstone Pure Mix) - Solarstone, Emma Hewitt
Drifting Point (Extended Mix) - Connor Woodford
THE ABYSS (Original Mix) - Ronski Speed, Sun Decade, DJ T.H.
Maximum Threshold (Extended Mix) - Kvaii, 7ranZ
Uprising (Extended Mix) - Darren Porter
On The Horizon (Extended) - Chris Shelley
Finally Able (Extended Mix) - Daniel Kandi, Amos & Riot Night
The Shine (Extended Mix) - Exouler
Samurai (Extended Mix) - Kayan Code
Supernova Symphony (Original Mix) - AlphaCube
Power of Now (Extended Mix) - John O'Callaghan, Sue McLaren, Paul Skelton
Someone Like You (Extended) - Paul van Dyk, Ciaran McAuley
Adagio (Sergey Salekhov Extended Remix) - Ozo Effy
Haze (Extended) - Marc van Linden, D-Gor, Frank Dueffel
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Spread Your Wings
The unstoppable Talla 2XLC and the award winning singer and DJ, JES collaborate for the instantly infectious vocal trancer Spread your Wings on That's Trance. Talla 2XLC provides the perfect remedy against the negativity and sadness that seems to prevail in an extremely violent world with energetic driving basslines, pounding drums, earth shuttering kicks and superb sound design that flows effortlessly. The magnificent JES with her magical indie dance style performance and empowering lyrics enthuses the listeners to spread their wings on the dancefloor and fight for LOVE against hatred and misery. The breakdown is super perfect with emotional heartwarming melody and JES touching singing followed by ultra strong synthy riff that will ignite the dancefloor and deliver the extremely euphoric climax that goes hand in hand with the wonderful uplifting message of the track. Talla 2XLC & JES invite you to Spread Your Wings on That's Trance. Text for Talla 2XLC & JES - Spread Your Wings
Colombian producer TroniKol makes his debut on the label with his new tune 'Daydream'!
The Silence (AstroFegs Remix)
For the 25th anniversary of 'The Silence' Norwegian producer Niall Skjæveland Maloney aka AstroFegs delivers an epic peak-time remix
Taken from the latest album Bring the Noize by Northern Ireland's finest Sneijder, this is 140bpm tech-tinged trance at its finest, fusing Xpander-esque synths with a dense kick and some old-skool rave motifs.
Element One
Iain M Returns to Aria with Element One an absolute tech trance Slammmer. Thunderous kicks rolling basslines and an roof raising Breakdown, all the signature Iain M Elements that are mixed perfectly for a floor destroyer.
Sacrosanct - Will Rees Remix
Eight years on from its debut on Pure Trance, Factor B's Sacrosanct gets an update from Wales' Will Rees (Subculture, Kearnage, Damaged, Outburst). Keeping the 138-flag flying, Will's remix imbues plenty of metallic 303 action while staying true to Sacrosanct's melodic nucleus. Of course, no Factor B release would be complete without a gargantuan breakdown and Will delivers accordingly.
Full Circle
Jackob Roenald takes you on a journey of sonic evolution in this new release 'Full Circle.' Through mesmerizing melodies and driving rhythms, Roenald masterfully guides listeners on a transformative odyssey that seamlessly connects past, present, and future, igniting a sense of profound connection and euphoria.