LeeJ Pres. - Tranceality 059 on AH.FM 13-08-2023

Maximum Threshold
Get ready for lift off with this energetic uplifter. Crisp percussion, thumping bassline, sublime pads and energetic melodies combined with a superb hands in the air breakdown. This track will definitely get you moving and grooving on the dancefloor. Get this in your sets and shows. Subscribe to Redux Recordings TV: https://redux.lnk.to/Youtube Connect with Redux Recordings: Web: http://www.reduxrecordings.com/ Facebook: https://redux.lnk.to/Facebook Twitter: https://redux.lnk.to/Twitter Instagram: https://redux.lnk.to/Instagram SoundCloud: https://redux.lnk.to/Soundcloud
From the very first note, 'Uprising' captivates with its awe-inspiring energy, instantly transporting listeners to a realm where time slows down, and emotions soar high.
:sleeping: :sleeping: see you LeeJ!! :wave: hope I will catch the replay :super: :wavecry: enjoy the rest of the evening! :clap:
The Shine
Exouler comes back to Suanda with a new single 'The Shine'. 'The Shine' - a classic Uplifting Trance, the very real trance, what we like it, deep bassline, sensual melodies, and atmospheric breakdown, which will carry us away from the city bustle and everyday problem, just listen to it and enjoy.


We welcome kayan Code into the HV family with an immensely uplifting track that will sweep you off your feet! The catchy melody, the incredible bassline and energy will surely make you dance to the beat Distributed by Label Engine - www.label-engine.com