Music Player (Software)

What software music player do you use?

  • Winamp

    Votes: 68 58.1%
  • Windows Media Player

    Votes: 19 16.2%
  • Foobar2000

    Votes: 11 9.4%
  • Itunes

    Votes: 12 10.3%
  • Amarok

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • Songbird

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • XMMS

    Votes: 4 3.4%
  • Media Monkey

    Votes: 1 0.9%

  • Total voters
Yeah WMP's library features (including auto detect files, different views of the library, and automatic library-->playlist when you click play) rock...and it has mp3 player support, and allows you to resume a playlist in the exact spot and time that you stopped it

exactly! And it buffers one hell of allot of a shoutcast stream! I've paused for over 30 minutes before, come back and pressed play and it resumed at the location I paused it at.

The old versions of WinAmp were awful and always crashing, the new version is allot more stable but with that said, the configuration dialog would confuse Stephen Hawkins. The app is not made with "userfriendlyness" in mind. I personally don't like a media player consisting of several different windows *bodged* together :lol:

Did anyone ever try Sonique? When that came out it was so much better than WinAmp for reliability, but they spent soooo long developing version 2 that it was literally redundant before they even finished and miles behind WMP.
I use Winamp and I see I'm not alone :)

I used to use Windows media Player for everything but I noticed that when I played back cds that I uploaded, the sound was sort of "skipping" a bit, like, how it sounds when you play a dirty cd. I went and uploaded Realplayer and I did not have that problem but I did not like the way Realplayer sounded.

I had Winamp a long time ago but I got rid of it and now, I am using it for everything. It has a damn good sound, lots of color options and I like the media interface as well so Winamp it is:super:
media player is good enough for me. but usually i mix them in with tractor cos playing them just isnt good enough ;o)
Media player classic for me ... actually I log in to the 192kbps France server, and strangely I find WinAmp buffering a LOT more than whenI play it through MPC!
still using winamp, never changed since i went from wmp to winamp :) it's also cool because i can stretch my player and place it on the bottom of the screen, very easy, not in the way, and i can always immediately see which track is playing :)
Foobar2k all the way. I really like the minimalistic interface, the excellent default plugins and playback capabilities, and above all: tabbed playlists!
^^yes there is, Roku Soundbridge network music player (Wi-Fi or wired network) streaming internet radio directly to your stereo or powered speakers as well as playing all your Library from WMP or even better Firefly Media Server , and is just a little tiny thing 10" w x 2.37" diameter :) :mml:

best thing since sliced bread, i've had this for almost a year :music:

Im probably the only one to use it here lool THOMSON MP3Pro Audio Player, I use it cuz its small,simple n super fast
I like Winamp an d is use it... is almost the best player wmp too but is too simple !!
hi! i've recently discovered the best music player called AIMP2 =) it's made by russians, and is very very gud 4 listenin ur fav tracks & radio! and it's fast and has a nice skins =) so check it out at AIMP2: Home Page
I'm having it plain and simple, while using freeware software.
I'll give links with brief summary :)
It's Screamer Radio is the one for media streaming:
- number of stream types supported,
- ad free,
- comes with database of internet radio stations,
- allows you to save what you listening to;
and 1by1 for files:
- uses your system codecs to play files,
- native playlist and CUE support,
- can use winamp input plugins,
- resumes playback from where you left it last time.
foobar2000, without a doubt the best player. Supports Kernel Streaming, plays virtually any format, and is 100 % customizable :grinning:
Ye, +1
Also cue support is the best there