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May 1, 2006
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Hey all I'm happy to announce the new player, as you all know that forums are not very popular at these times, so we created a new player that you can use with ease, comment on all your favorite shows using your twitter, facebook etc logins. So all new shows threads will be created on new player. Next5 and Last5 will also be on the new player... plus many other new features.

Check it out and enjoy everyone, also whole new website is also in the works.

New player will be active shortly

Forums will remain here untouched, nothing will be deleted...
there's some way to choose the background in the near future ?

Well, lol, so far, the suggested recipe does work: for one's ' personal profile page ' only: not for the Default Forum view. Will be a topic in days to come I guess

@ Dan: there's some way to choose the background in the near future ? :cap:

danmark_ori said:

:hmmm: :yes: In some way, I do expect to be able to turn all white into black. Maybe now, maybe later :cap: I am so used to the black background: since May 2006 onwards :grinning:

Ugh, definitely not a fan of this new colour scheme. Now that the (tracklisting of) the set is over, I did find out how. The settings are at your ' personal URL '. For example, mine is here :cap: There you can change the background color, for instance.

Why can't I adjust sound volume anymore? I honestly hate that in webplayers
i can't change the content backround mine doesn't show it ::unsure:

now i found vB4 Default Style :clap:
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Yeah, thats my problem too. And where can I check the actual playlist? thx :)

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:flowers: Welcome at Forum csinko ! :cap:

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What a brightness :)
I was used to previous view but Im not comment at this moment.. ;) :music:
as i prefer to use Windoze Media Player for a couple reasons, check this:
thanks to danmark_ori!
(you might have to save the link to your desktop first)
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the link to listen to the radio via players is still there bottom of the new player :)
I like the new design, but the grey could be a little darker for me.
Also, the volume control is missing (which is hugely important, i usually run at 15% or so) ;)
Are we no longer posting threads for shows? I usually bookmark threads so I can download the show later on.
volume will be available soon were working on it...

as for shows we wont post them on forums anymore only on the player they will show + comment...
How will that work with download links? It was previously convenient to bookmark all my favorite Djs in the morning but now I can only see the first 5 shows (for example, Extrema airs at 2pm EST but I can't bookmark it now because only the next 5 shows are showing).
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Hey there, you will need to check next5 shows... sometimes djs dont upload shows and our old showsbot made the threads confusing people that it will be aired, we had to fix that issue. The player is at early stages of running, we will be adding more features to it to make things easy as we have so far... our mods will try to put download links into the players comments of shows, but if you dont want dl links to be missed you can always become a supporter and we will email you them daily.

or just get our premium service :) 40.000+ shows by a click of a button

thank you
How to not have the player automatically start playing? I'm happy with foobar2000...