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:: Solarstone - Love Theme from Blade Runner (Pure Mix) | Black Hole Recordings (c) Vangelis ::

Jarren December 8, 2013
edited about 1 year ago
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A superb take on the well-trodden End Titles theme from Blade Runner. However...

...why Solarstone of all people could have been so blind to have titled it Love Theme is beyond me.

The Love Theme from Blade Runner is the soppy saxophone piece when Deckard & Rachel make out.

This is not that piece. This is the End Titles.

Anyway, unforgivable titling error aside this is a SUBLIME remix.

Vangelis - Theme From Bladerunner (Solarstone Pure Mix)



but it's not the love theme...but the end titles

Tilllate Magazine
Solarstone - Love Theme From Blade Runner
[Black Hole]
“One of Vangelis’ most renowned soundtracks and one of the composers who has
had a massive influence on the Trance movement you would be hard pressed to
find a producer who hasn’t been inspired by the genius of Vangelis over
the last 20 years. From one genius to another, Solarstone has stepped up to
the plate to revisit this seminal piece of timeless music. Never straying
from the Pure Trance path Solarstone majestically weaves his Pure Trance
sound into this classic. With warm analogue bass and plenty of dark twists
and turns Solarstone effortlessly transforms the piece into a modern day
Pure Trance banger which will breathe new life into Vangelis’ finest hour
and educate those who were too young enough to enjoy the sounds of this
legendary composer first time round. Sublime.”

DJ Mag
Solarstone - Love Theme From Blade Runner (Pure Mix)
Black Hole Recordings
“Electronic music producers have been having their way with Vangelis’ oeuvre
since Remake’s mid-90s take on the (Sasha & Diggers-champed) ‘Bladerunner’.
Given the nod by Vangelis Inc. Solarstone’s refined ‘End Theme’ into the
very purest of Pure trance mixes. Bouncing off pulsating, undulating bass
and razor-sharp hats & claps, the doomy night-black drama of Vangelis’ piano
chimes have rarely sounded better.”

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