PC vs Mac...which shall I use?

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Apr 29, 2008
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I'm getting a new laptop asap, the only problem is I'm not set on what to buy. Anyone have any input as to PC vs Mac. :boxing:

And if PC, which one...I've heard Dell is the best bet.

If I go Mac, do I get the Macbook and not the pro, I don't want to spend anymore that I have.

And with specs, what processor/memory...etc.

Any info helps! I've asked around for a little bit but I haven't had any definite answers yet.

I will be using either Rane Serato or Traktor....again any input with these would be greatly appreciated! I'm doing this shit for real and want it to count. I know a little about each of these programs, but you probably know more!


Enlighten me!!

:thankyou: A thank ya. :thankyou:

I'm a pc user and I use Mac at uni for production. I'm actually depressed that I can't afford to buy a mac lol. I am currently advertising my laptop so I can get a Mac.

I used Traktor (FS2) with this pc and was forever running into problems with the pc and the ScrathAmp talking to each other.

Mac comes with firewire built in so no need to get an extra firewire pci card (another £35 for a decent one).

I sold FS2 to my friend last year and he uses it every weekend with his mac. Its runs like a hot knife through butter. no problems what so ever.

You will not regret getting mac.

If you have the extra money i would get the macbook pro. but if you dont the macbook will work just fine.


If you are playing out alot. I wouldnt bother using serato or traktor.

The reason i sold FS2 was because of whenever i wanted to use it i had to turn up to a club befre opening in order to set it up. ive never been to a venue where it has been installed and ive been playing out regularly for 3 years.

If you are that serious about your career then i would get CDJ's
and not bother with the laptop and serato/traktor hardware

Please trust me on this. I have made these mistakes already. I bought CDJ's then sold them to buy FS2. Then I sold FS2 on to get CDJ's again.

Now i'm actually getting somewhere propper. Like my show on AH for example... I use CDJ's for that. :)
i have a macbook pro & I love it. Havent really used it for producing or mixing but just for movies, music, AH stuff, email. Its my main AH.FM machine :p

I know if your a student you get 10% off original price. I used my brothers University account to buy my :)

good luck with the new laptop in whatever you choose, remember to CHOON IN :)
i also have a macbook pro, and a windows desktop pc, they were bought in the reverse mentioned order, so sometimes i do wish they were visa versa, have a mac as desktop and a top notch laptop but not spend a fortune on it! anyway that cant be helped now, i mainly bought the mac coz i wanted one and to learn that side of things, its my little baby! i use traktor 3 routed to cdj's by the way, but not entirely!

Laptop wise mate, if you go mac, you cant go wrong, it does depend on your budget though offcourse! Having said that, 2gb of ram is standard now across the whole macbook range, i opted for 7200 rpm hard drive as opposed to 5200 rpm, which is not an option on the macbook model, i thought the extra speed would be worth it for audio needs! If you get the macbook model, in my opinion i would opt and get 4gb ram, it may seem a lot but some programs, depending on what you use, and if they are ex windows applications, can suck a fair bit of ram, just something to be mindful of! As for screen size, its really up to you, your budget and perhaps what your used to?

As for what you said about Dell, they are very reputable, they source great components (example is my Dell Widescreen Monitor, has Samsung panel), some consider them quite cheap, they may be but they are very competitive, and make a good end product, only thing i would look into though if buying is find what components are in your laptop, hard drive make etc (specs can be different), these things can matter! you will find a lot of this stuff on forums, reviews etc!

Apart from anything else, do your research! It will pay off in the long run!

Hope this helps :grinning:♠
Been wondering about this as well. But I'd also like to ask what about logic or other mac only programs makes it so much better then things like Ableton live 7 or similar programs for PCs? any help would be awesome since I'm also trying to get started in EDM :).
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September 8th new macbook pros are coming out, Quad Core with SSD drives and bluray.

Wait another 2 weeks, lots of new apple products are due.
pc. half the price for same features and power, plus you got the freedom of using the OS of your choice.
pc. half the price for same features and power, plus you got the freedom of using the OS of your choice.

On the laptop side of things, I would disagree on the fact of "half the price" with same specs head to head apple might be 100-200 euro different (more).

Also looks, weight and shape goes, apple laptops beat anything on the market now.

here are some key factors to consider:
- backlight lid keyboard
- 1" thick (light)
- multi-touch pad
- 5+ hours of battery life with wifi on.
- matte screens ( very rare to find a laptop with matte screen )

There is more factors, but most of all if you dont like mac osx you can load XP, linux etc on the macbook pro, even have them both running at the same time and alt-tab between them using MAC Bootcamp.

just my 2 cents
Mac all the way bud. I have had my Mac for almost 18 months now and still running as fast as the day I bought it running some seriously system intense programs. Unlike my Windows laptop that got slower by the day. And OS X is the simplest operating system to get used to.
If you do opt for one, don't get the memory upgrade from Apple though. Really overpriced. Search the internet for cheaper. I bought mine from crucial memory, and I'm sure there'll be something similar in the States. :)
on that note im going to bed, as i realised you said macbook pro's first, then you said quad core which threw me off, but makes sense! sleep time :grinning:

ill keep an eye out, tasty!

thanks for link! :bow:

yeah sorry its mac book pro laptop that will have quad core cpu :)
Id say mac too mate. i have used a p.c for years but have a mac now i produce with. my p.c is on its last legs so im going to replace it with a mac far superior imo
I've always been on pc with linux and had a windows laptop aside. Recently I've switched to mac as my workstation. Loving it and it's my production machine.
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