soft ...or HARD?

Soft or Hard?

  • Soft

    Votes: 39 41.1%
  • Hard

    Votes: 31 32.6%
  • I think you're retarded

    Votes: 22 23.2%
  • Trance sucks! I listen to rap, so f@$% you b!t#^&

    Votes: 3 3.2%

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hard as jelly.
soft as stone.

I kid you, sord and haft it's gotta be. :grinning:

xruntime, you're far from retarded btw. :hug:
I prefer songs that come up with a nice and soft melody then build a harder and more complex track around that tune. Well, this is actually called Uplifting Trance ;)
Luv em both, prefer HARD when partying, SOFT when chilling...:grinning:
Soft! There is a reason it's called "trance". Having someone beating you in the head with a rock makes it hard to reach the relaxed state :p
No discussion about it:
nothin like a good, strong, energetic, heavy in bass hard tune:super::super:It's good in all ocasions: house, car, clubs... where ever, when ever!!!
And, sometimes, a bit of chillin... but no cheesy thing!!!
Soft,but & hard isn't for rubbish :D
May be more soft, It's more relax and pleasant after one hard day, when you need a rest
that really does feel like an innuendo. i really wanted to say the 3rd option. nice title btw.
soft, i like dancing... trance with progressive-house and techno.. is so beautifull^^..

deadmau5 's remixes, inpetto's remixes, adam k & soha 's remixes...
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Start kinda soft, then gradually get to the Hard part (but not as hard as hardtrance, well maybe to a certain degree of tech trance) Uplift or a bit of Electro, thats as far as the sets go. But the tracks must be energetic, if they're soft + energetic QL, if they're hard + energetic even better :D