The DJ List - who's on it?

I'll definitley be on TheDJlist when I get signed (hopefully), if all goes well! But there may be some DJs or producers here that might be on TheDJlist, wait 'till a reply and we'll see! :D
I joined about a week ago, havent written the bio and shit yet so I dont have a link yet, but ill edit it here when its done ;)
DJ Superior - no prob. Even if you just post the link to vote for you - I can put a vote your way.

Ry Diggs - what's the link to vote for you?

Macarius - a monthly vote coming your way :)
ok im being approved =)
i know i havent posted any mixes yet but trust me
i have some on EA
and some remixes
Good stuff.... come on guys - I need 10 Ah.FM members to post links and I will vote for you all.
ConFig said:
i'm not on there.. should i? :)

If you are a DJ - yes. Even better if your mixes are played on

If I don't get more members to vote for soon - I'll vote for everyone who has posted links in this thread.
Macarius - voted!
DJ Superior - voted!
Ry Diggs - voted!
Roger Liland - voted!
sweet, thanks! voting for you guys also!

EDIT: Votes are in!
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I registered an account but haven't really made up my profile ... I just got my press photos back so it will be up soon and I'll post a link then!