The DJ List - who's on it?

Well its a new month again - so who wants a vote from me?
Np - a vote coming your way. Anybody else want a vote? Don't forget to return the love!
Ok Superior - I voted for you! WOOT!
Thank you, a vote coming ur way later this month ;)
Hey Superior - have you voted for me yet? The reason I ask is cause I'm 1 vote away from being #2 in Brisbane. So...soooo close. One more vote is all I need.
Hey there!

I'm just starting a new show along with my "twin brother" Faskil, we're both on the dj list as well. Already voted for august, but i'll keep your name in mind for September ;)

We're from Paris. Great to meet new Djs and music influences!
Greets Birdy and welcome to

Start a new thread in the DJ / Producers corner and tell us a bit more about yourself and your twin.
So its another month...who wants a vote? Remember...sharing is caring :p
I'm on there, kind of.... But I've never gotten the Dj Status, so I cant update any info etc. Anyone know what I should do? I've sent off a mail to them as well.

might have to fill in the biography part first, thats why im not on there, im not good about talking about myself in the 3rd person lol, if you have then im sure it would have got approved....hopefully they'll explain more when they reply to you

good to see you here by the way :)
Ok guys - you should see an added vote to your count this month.

Mike Noir

Anybody else that wants me to vote for them each month - post up in here. And return the love too eh :p
looks like they have reset the numbers recently