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Over here you can talk about anything you want, forum-, radio- or nonsense related :)

i just saw we have 11111 members :)

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Welcome new AH.FM member: nsp4u

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Welcome to our newest member, xtntx :welcome:

:beer2: :cat:

Have been watching more movies and old TV programmes on YouTube lately than listening to music:mask::)
If you add chicken to mr noodles its great after gym snack, just have water with it so your kidneys dont explode.
I like this thread, its the off topic thread Ive been looking for. I imagine I will be talking to myself a lot.
rip mate :(


Sup Everyone,

It's so glad to submit my EOYC contest set and great to see many of familiar faces including old friends here again ^_^

Huge thanks for those who voted for me and let me win the contest on 2014 ; really appreciated your support !

This year for me is absolutely a long journey to focus on producing , and in the meanwhile , I'm gonna proudly to sharing /playing some of my debut EP releasing tracks under Discover White Label (Recoverworld Label Group) and D.Max Recordings in my EOYC contest set this year , hope you all will enjoy its driving , uplifting , techy style from me :)

Best luck to all participants and greetings from East Asia,

Johnny The Boy aka JTB

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Tracklist >
01 Shugz vs. Activa & Orkidea - Z21 Overdose (JTB Intro Edit) [CD-R]
02 ReOrder & Lee James ft. Roxanne Emery - Where You Hide (Original Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
03 Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - Satelite (XGenic Tech Rework) [CD-R]
04 Ciro Visone & George Boston - 30 Seconds (Original Mix) [Discover White Label]
05 Ciro Visone & JTB - Cannonball (Original Mix) [Discover White Label]
06 JTB - Fury Road (Original Mix) [D.Max Recordings]
07 Dreamy - Serena (Original Mix) [Grotesque]
08 John Askew - Cinnamon (Original Mix) [Subculture]
09 Ian Buff - Phantom (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
10 Future Antics - One Three Eight (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
11 Abstract Vision & Sarah Lynn - The Very Center Of Me (Original Mix) [How Trance Works (SirAdrianMusic)]
12 Sneijder & Christina Novelli - Love Of My Control (Original Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
13 Chris Metcalfe & Allen Watts - Bermuda (Original Mix) [Monster Pure]
14 Woody Van Eyden vs Azima & Alexander Borisov - The Dawn (Original Mix) [Pure Trance]
listening to it now :wavecry:
Waiting for the tennis season to start again in January. Wanting Jelena to win another slam:yes:
Thank You Dan and the DI.FM people for keeping this going


I want to buy some more shirts

Where's the store:book:
How are you walking your pet at this time? Were you able to organize everything needed for him?