The Off-topic Random Thread

You want fries with that....?
switching to blue style, green is to bright
christmas lights on:

EOYC 2021 on:

frosty cold beverage at the ready:


for the :hbd: banner today

8-9pm cet / 7-8 uk / 2-3 est
I am 157 years old. And I am still listening to this song.
whos afraid of 138
Google Maps can't find wanting more t-shirts

Make sure your search is spelled correctly. Try adding a city, state, or zip code. :ee: :ee:
i saw that Deep Purple visited Brno, Czech 14-07-2023

hopefully they played Perfect Strangers like they did at Melbourne 1984

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:book: the EOYC?

yeah, it happens once a year, for 18 days :super:
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