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The Official Wrong Answer Thread


Aug 26, 2008
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a person will start by asking a question [me] and the next person will give the wrong answer but also will ask a question [after their wrong answer] ...and so on.. join in.. it's fun I think.. :grinning:
Why do we have eye lashes?
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to tickle people's faces when blinking fast :lol:
its the container for the Eau de Toilette
only place in the house peaceful from the gf :)

you supposed to give the wrong answer not the correct one LMAO :p
oops my bad LOL, but for some its the wrong answer :| haha

i'm sure it is if your gf spends half the day in there :lol::lol:
why is it dark at night?
why we need money?:lol:
Me thinks hotred needs to start this thread over again,imo