The Official Wrong Answer Thread

for choosing the color of the son´s eyes:book:

what is red and can run like light speed?

Me, ofcause:mask:

what is blue and can't run at all?
no. my real name is fjdoifjaiofjawodslkdfgjhiofjdsofwofjojigjfkhgnksdn :mask:

are you high? :puff:

Nah, that was last night:wink:

Actually you really hate psy trance, don't you?
lol @ topic!

yes that's me!

Why do cars have wheels?

hopes it's not asked yet as I haven't read all pages

so you can crash your car, get your self killed and go see what heaven is really all about:mask:

Your name is Igor, but your friends call you Dave:whistle:
yeah,actually i´m going to get married listening that track:mask:

why do we have feets?

So we can try and pick our noses with our big toes:lol:

You live on an island in the Arctic Ocean, don't you?