Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise 7 - Asia

I've been hooked on In Search of Sunrise since I heard the first album some years back. So far, my absolute favourite has to be ISOS 2, which had a brilliant tracklist.

Heard the promo of ISOS 7, and must say I am really looking forward to the complete release! "Rachael Starr - To Forever (Moonbeam Remix)" is such a good song!
And to be honest, I didn't think ISOS6 was that bad :p
+1 !! To Forever is great, actually at first I wasnt a huge fan, but it wore me down and now I love it...however...the Deadmau5 remix is better, IMHO

I agree, ISOS 6 wasnt bad- but after playing the promo...over and over for the past three weeks I feel as though ISOS 7 is going to be the best one yet---again, imho...I really agree with his choice of vocal tunes :music:
I liked ISOS7 but i think 6 was wayyyy better kinda got disappointed.
hmm.. just finished listening to both CDs... I like them both.... CD1 sounds more unique than CD2

although CD2 has some good choons and an awesome choon to end..

:choonalert: Manilla Rising - Beyond The Stars :choonalert:
I agree with existent. those cd's contain unique music and I love it :love: Only this cd needs a few times listen before getting good, this cd grew on me..
I would rate Cd 2 better in comparison to Cd 1 ,although I would say ISOS series sell more because they are by Tiesto ,if they were by some unknown Dj then I would say it is absolutely lousy especially ISOS 6 & 7
i enjoyed CD1 more then CD2 but overall it was good to listen to.
Although it maybe old, imo Parade of the athletes was one of the best albums. I wish Tiesto would make more tunes similar to "olympic flame" and "athena" I was so disappointed with In Search of Sunrise 6.
finally got around to listening to it also. cd2 def much better than cd1, and also overall much better than isos6.


hehe DO IT
finally got around to listening to it also. cd2 def much better than cd1, and also overall much better than isos6.

ps: shame that he doesn't put more effort into mixing, his transitions are far from perfect...
Although it maybe old, imo Parade of the athletes was one of the best albums. I wish Tiesto would make more tunes similar to "olympic flame" and "athena" I was so disappointed with In Search of Sunrise 6.

Parade of the athletes owns indeed :grinning:
ps: shame that he doesn't put more effort into mixing, his transitions are far from perfect...

Yeah well, We all know uplifting trance is alot more easy to mix and I think he used his decks by mixing the ISOS episodes. Still the transitions could have been a bit better ya..
It's an alright cd some really good tracks in it :) Kamui - Get Lifted stands out for sure, one of the best tracks on the cd :)
I hope no hard feelings after this, but...

Where ISOS 3/4/5 and 6 for abit felt like lounge compilation albums, with a smooth summer vibe that i liked to play especially in a bad mood, 3 till 5 always cheered me up and eased my mind when needed.

ISOS 7 definetly does not have that feeling, heck i can even say it doesnt represent Asia in sound, where Madras did on ISOS 6 for india, but no on ISOS 7 its purely trance after trance, great trance, but ISOS lost its vibe with 7.

For a starter, look at the names and titles of the track, i think 60% is already released in january february and march, where in the previous ISOS series Tiesto always used around 70% of specially fabricated tracks just for ISOS, here he just didnt want to waste time and just looked for some hyped tracks earlier this year(Carey Brothers - Ride, MotorCitysoul - Space Katzle(Jerome Sydenham Remix), Cressida - 6AM, Carl B - Just a thought, Jerry Ropera - The storm is Calling).
So thats a very big Turn off for me.

Next thing is a simpler one, Airbase, Andy Duguid and Allure(AKA dj Tiesto)
Airbase, great producer, but still a full on trance producer, But then again Contracted by blackhole and prolly forced to produce 'something' for ISOS 7, yeah can tell that, the whole track goes way out of league when it comes to the ISOS vibe described earlier.
Andy Duguid has the same problem, again in coorperation with Leah(great vocalist) he made the track wasted, wasted indeed, cause Dont belong is in my opinion a much better produced vocaltrack then this one, that would have been a wonderfull track to put on ISOS 7, but no it blackhole that again needs cash and already releases it in January this year.

more to come in the next post
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and to continue where i started, the third one, Allure, Tiesto already made some decent productions for ISOS on 5 and 6 and both 2 tracks he made for the ISOS series where decent, but Power of You ft Christian Burns doesnt even come close to this.
The Vocals of Christian Burns are decent, but simply doesnt fit the track, which is also of poor quality, leave out the vocals and you get a plain boring track.

Then you also have some bad tracks that i really dont like, like:
Dokmai - Reasons To Believe Poor track, even worse Vocals, simple synth on arpaggiator, simple piano and an even more simpler lyrics, definetly the point on CD 1 to turn the damn thing off.
But thats mainly to blame on the track before of Airbase, standard vocal by, eeeh Floria Ambra, prolly some kind of new plant, with added techy sounds to give it 'The Asia feel', riiiiiight....

Though on CD1 i liked Motorcitysoul - Space Katzle(Jerome Sydenham Remix), though this track is already released in November 2007, i still think its good Tiesto didnt miss this one, cause this is one of the few tracks that has that ISOS vibe.

CD2 already starts quite awfull, Jes Vocals are done for ISOS, where she had great vocalistic tracks on ISOS 4 and 5 here on 7 her only task is to do some humming, such a waste of time for her to Coorperate with Steve Rio Forte on this intro, its completely in contrast to the rest of the CD, where in ISOS 5 you had a calm beach as intro, and on ISOS 4 where YES also opened with Like a Waterfall(one of the best Vocal tracks ever in my opinion), compared with that this is just rubbish, it doesnt introduce the kind of music you are going to listen the next 1.5 hours, it just doesnt fit.

Zoo Brazil - Crossroads, really nothing special, this has been done all over the years by Adam K & Solo, Glen Morisson, Deadmau5, Inpetto and god knows how many others. Beltek - Kenta, funny track, lacks the ISOS vibe.
Sied van Riel - Rush, love this track but seeing this track on ISOS 7 surprised me the most, Sied van Riel is known for his techtrance tracks, hard synths and great breaks, the track Sied van Riel - What you want was released in January and rush reminded me of that track, i think that one would have fitted better if im honest, the heavy Synths in this track dont feel like Asia at all, it feels like a Sied van Riel track, enough said.

Driving to Heaven(Mat Zo Remix), great track, this one deserves to be on an ISOS album.

Carl B - Just a Though, fantastic track, but not for ISOS, i would have rather seen this on one of Markus Schulz compilation albums, at this point on the album i already lost track of direction where this album is going to, 3 techy tracks after another, this pile up reminds me of Markus Schulz Ibiza 06, this would have suited that album perfectly.

Kimito Lopez - Melkweg, Trance, first thought, oh dear here we go, once you walk this path you cant come back, you have to keep this genre in the album for at least 3 tracks, and this is where Tiesto goes commercial, lets put in trance cause it reaches a more wider public, anyhow, here is where tiesto &!@#&$ it up, this track has completely nothing to do with asia or ISOS, it lacks the vibe, it lacks the ambience it lacks everything. its a plain trancer, it starts nice, couple of strings, pads and a kind of standard lead, but then the breakdown ends, the multiplieing kicks come in, there comes the lifts to build it up, and boom, nothing, completely nothing, you wait for something big and you get shit. Completely worthless track.

Jonis saves JPL track of Whenever i may find her, decent track.

Estiva ft Marnix - Casa grande, WTF ESTIVA??? this is just pure trance, great for on radio programs, BUT IM NOT GOING TO PAY FOR TRACKS THAT I CAN HEAR EVERY DAY ON THE RADIOSHOWS!!
ISOS is the kind of Compilation album you buy cause it is special, it is something you cant hear every day, this track completely ruins it, if it already hasnt been ruined by CD1 this definetly destroyes it.

Skipped through the last 4 tracks, all the same, ending track, nothing special either.

Rating 3/10, yes 3, some tracks didnt suck and Tiesto did put on some special things here, but 3/4 tracks dont make a good compilation album, all 12 to 18 tracks on both cd's should be special, and should enhamce eachother in vibe and storyline, this album lacks both, CD2 could be a regular show AH, great building up of the set, but there is nothing special too it.

you can think whatever you like of this album, but too me, its commercial crap, add some trance and all of a sudden your selling rates go up 400%.
Well done Tiesto, i bet his upcoming wedding costs alot, ISOS 7 will cover the bills.

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ps: shame that he doesn't put more effort into mixing, his transitions are far from perfect...

Also looking at the earlier ISOS episodes, those are even mixed worse :lol:

I got ISOS 7!
I think the beats are amazing, truly amazing. The vocals in some of the tranks and the remixes of Ride is absolutely, trancemazing!? LOL
He did a great job, truly putting in some Asian flavor. I did however, find some similar sounding tracks such ash Driving to Heaven and Beauty Hides in the Deep by Dopple Effect. But all in all, I love the album!