Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise 7 - Asia

Also looking at the earlier ISOS episodes, those are even mixed worse :lol:
yes, he chooses good music, but I've listened to ISOS 6 over and over a few times and it's so unfortunate. Exactly like you say.
Yeah well, We all know uplifting trance is alot more easy to mix and I think he used his decks by mixing the ISOS episodes. Still the transitions could have been a bit better ya..

Not really... Prog is easier...
I luv this cd, better than ISOS 6, however for me, none can touch ISOS 3- Panama :grinning:
ISOS 7 is good , it has some great tracks such as the one with Rachel Starr and the following two songs other than that they are all average as for the second disk its much better than the first in my openion, i didn't enjoy it as much as i did when i heared ISOS 6..... never the less Tiesto just keeps on surprising us doesnt he?!....
I thoroughly enjoyed ISOS7. CD1 is a great chill album, and CD2 is a great trance album. I'm glad Tiesto started to move back to his trance roots with CD2. It's definitely much better than the decent ISOS6 and the shitty ISOS5. But nothing, nothing, nothing will ever top ISOS1-3, which are absolute artistic masterpieces.
Personally after ISOS3, it's been going downhill for Tiesto with his ISOSs. I haven't really liked or enjoyed any of his newer ones. I think his career started going downhill pretty much ever since he DJ'ed at the Olympics in Greece. His style and genre has really changed for the worse since then. That's just my opinion.
I just gave 7 a preview and its waaaaaaaaay better than 6...

In Search Of Sunrise 7:
Banyan Tree - Feel The Sun Rise
Kamui - Get Lifted
Cressida - 6AM (Kyau & Albert Remix)
Clouded Leopard - Hua-Hin
Steve Forte Rio featuring JES - Blossom (Lounge Mix)
Carl B. - Just A Thought
Kimito Lopez - Melkweg
JPL - Whenever I May Find Her (Joni Remix)
Estiva vs. Marninx - Casa Grande
Existone - Wounded Soul
André Visior & Kay Stone – Something For Your Mind (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix)
Hensha - The Curtain

rest of tracks were garbage..

In Search Of Sunrise 6:
Global Experience - Madras

rest of tracks were garbage..

Either for as much.:wow:
I thought just as your. To the Isos it is necessary to understand them. the selection of Tracks they were not realised to be consumed easily. that it is not the abitual sound does not mean that he is bad. :music::iagree:
it would recommend to you that you listen to the collection and you think a little:wave::music:
Great album, but I prefer ISOS 6. I think, that beats are amazing :grinning:Tiesto did a great job. When I listen album, I feel some Asian flavor. He chose to album perfect tracks. Remix Driving To Heaven is amazing :love: