What are you eating right now?

pizza. 34th and lex. mm
i know just where you mean..can i have some....i also like the one on 33 & 7 ave...oh i'm eating flavered tootsie roll.dots gummy bears.mounds...oh had some CHERRIOS muilti grain.... before all the junk food.......... it must be my nerves....
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I just had burger king for lunch, rodeo burger and a spicy chicken wrap... probably the last time I'll go there for a while... commuting to my university tends to have me eating junk... I need to figure out a way to eat healthy :P
Special K and a banana for breakfast washed down with a tropical fruit drink :D

Every time I see "Special K" I think Ketamine... horse tranquilizer... mmm tranquilizer and banana with tropical fruit drink :)
Right now I'm chewing gum so I don't eat my face, Listening to DistantLands monthly fresh tune set and wondering if I should take the last two of my Energon?.
i´m eating an orange at my office:music:
Tomato & penne pasta salad and a coffee. Just the usual!
current cake:wow:
a caramel apple with nuts..mmmmmm, caramel!