What is your favorite Genre?

Favorite Genre of the music from Afterhours..

  • House

    Votes: 13 4.1%
  • Trance

    Votes: 257 81.6%
  • Progressive

    Votes: 45 14.3%

  • Total voters


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Aug 8, 2006
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Afterhours basicly plays House, Trance and Progressive. if we had to make a choise between one of these genres. What would it be?:p Im voting trance music.
it's too difficult to choose 1 .. i have two favs - trance & progressive. i write it but i don't vote :)
Its hard to make choises between those. Maybe i should have add another option: I dont know :p
I'd say I'm split 60/40 for House/Trance.

I voted house. :D
I like them all too, if i was to prioritise.... it would be as follows

1. Trance
2. Progressive
3. House
hahahah, ok, so who is the only other person to vote for House aside from me?
Favorite Genre?

Progressive house, best genre out there right now, sorta like progressive trance, only not as boring and predictable.

Pure Trance has lost a lot of its followers recently, i am one of those people. But then again it depends on what you consider "TRANCE" to be. Although there are quite a few Trance gems out there, they are too few and far in between all the garbage coming out every day. The good tracks which are obvious hits get hammered out by every DJ and their grandma, so even the best tunes get overplayed to death and loose their magic. Creativity and quiality of productions definately went down. Example? BLUE FEAR vs. LOVE YOU MORE by everyone's favorite. Enough said....I view trance and electonic music in general altogether as one entitity. House, Trance, progressive, electro - all same thing to me, i value creativity and see electronic music much more as art vs. entertainment. So to say that i have a "favorite" genre would be quite silly in my opinion. If music is food for the soul, then its only fitting to include all diferent spectras of it, you wouldnt eat only italian or chineese day in and day out would you?

Instead of asking question concerning which is your favorite genre, i think a better question would be as to WHY it is your favorite?