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What its u favority trance producer???


Aug 20, 2008
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My favority dj its Ferry corsten or Thrillseekers i dont know:grinning:.

And u?
My favority dj its Ferry corsten or Thrillseekers i dont know:grinning:.

And u?

They're both great....:grinning:

Gareth Emery is doing it for me at the moment :grinning:

Gareth Emery is doing it for me at the moment :grinning:

Me too. Outstanding producer!
Guiseppe Ottaviani's also one of my favourites too! :)
my favorite TRANCE producers are

Temple One, Sean Tyas, John O'Callaghan, Kamil Polner, Aly & Fila, Activa, Dima Krasnik, Spirit & Dave, Paul Miller, 7 Skies & Static Blue, Andy Blueman, Onova, Daniel Kandi, Icone, Sebastian Brandt, Fast Distance, Anguilla Project, Tenthu, Rozza, Greg Downey, Shah, Ronny K, Eliran Haliva, Foundry, Tragida, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ben Gold, Nitrous Oxide, Avenger, Deepwide, Factoria, Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi, John Askew, Hydroid, Krivi, Joshua Cunningham, Hiroyuki ODA, Thomas Datt, Icone, Aurosonic, Miikka Leinonen, Moonforce, Alex MORPH, Ferrin & Low, Above & Beyond, Bryan Kearney, Mark Sherry, MK-S, Koris vs Djule, Ehren Stowers, Ian Betts, RickyM, Digitalis, Tom Colontonio, Pierre Pienaar, Ferry Tayle, Sensorica, Super8 & Tab, Matti Kotala, Frase, Se.Ra.Phic, Astuni & Manuel Le Saux, Dan Stone, Eldritch, Robert Nickson, Lemon & Einar K, Firestorm, Sunquest, Cold Blue, Freek Geuze, Airbase, Amex, Kenneth Thomas, Neonate, Zehavi & Rand, Santoz, DJ Fire, Kaveh Azizi, Unknown Source, Stoneface & Terminal, Sunny Lax...

Mauguzun and all his aliases:)

Especially the "Armored Core" alias:bow:
This is very difficult question

My favorite producer is John O'Bir now
ID-ID is the best :lol:
Astral Projection, GMS, Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Mindsphere, Aerosis, Sean Tyas, Sied Van Riel, Marcus Schossow, John 00 Fleming, Christopher Lawrence, Bryan Kearney, Airbase, Dave Schiemann, Goasia, Mauguzun, Ultraform, Jay Selway, Technikal, Alphazone, Santoz, Dima Krasnik, Genix, Breakfast, DJ Eco, Martin Roth, Mark Sherry, Marcel Woods, Sander Van Doorn, Ronski Speed, Bissen, Push, Infected Mushroom, BK

and plenty more :fishing:
Favourite Djs

Armin Van Buuren
Above & Beyond
Sebastian Brandt
Dj Shah
John O Callaghan

Thats some names off top me head but the is more.

Favourite Producers This Year upto now

Alex Morph
John O Callaghan
Dj Shah
Sebastian Brandt
Ronski Speed
Daniel Kandi
Aly & Fila

The few more but cant be arsed thinking lol
Paul Miller, Sean Tyas, John O'Callagan, Aly & Fila, Icone, Activa, Daniel Kandi, John Askew, Tom Colontonio..just to name my tops. but Paul Miller is enough, Icone just appeared in my tops, great stuff.

another one to the list. Talla 2XLC
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Incolumis, Darshan, Blue Planet Corporation, Pleiadians / Crop Circles / Etnica, Chi-A.D., Ra / Dimension 5, MFG, Mindsphere, Shakta, Bypass Unit, Asia 2001, X-Dream, Prana, Encens/Ominus, Man With No Name, Semsis, Hallucinogen, Khetzal, Filteria, Furious, K Lapso, Hyldhegan/Palex, Highko, CyberGod, Succubus, Paranoize, Stranger, Isentropic, Darkshire, etc

Euro/commercial/uplifting & prog:
Activa, Airwave, Oliver Prime, Haak, MK-S, Steve Birch, Whirloop
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Nitrous Oxide, Daniel Kandi, Above&Beyond, Super8 & Tab, Activa, David Newsum, Sean Tyas, Akesson

at least
some new ones to the list, Dj Shah, Dereck Reckay, Alphazone, Nitrous Oxide, Activa, Sebastian Brandt, Fast Distance, Artic Moon, Bryan Kearney, Mark Sherry