05-12-2007 Kyau & Albert - Euphonic Sessions December

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haha look at my join date :tongue:
i just recently joined after tomek told me to :)

ok he is doing a good job for promoting AH :super:

seems that Tomek tunes are kicking in now :p
i like this tune, anyone know what it is??? besides mathew dekay is something to do with it did they say???
i'm back :mask: my pc have crushed :| i think i'll have to reinstal system soon...

**** more :choon:
Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket - **** More (Matthew Dekay Remix)

AvB played it in 326

no wonder why I dont like it... I've hated every tune from XL Junk Yard so far :p :lol:

ok this tune is much better :super:
this is a mashup or something =P sounds good