08-04-2008 Blank & Jones - Monthly Exclusive April

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you guys call me when the set is over?:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I guess at the end Piet (and Jaspa) will spin "when the leaves are falling" or how that song is called. That's a nice one. But... it's a guess...
I m off too, not my style B & J and bath calling :)

fine and me marco, see u later :grinning:

Later ppl :hug:

I think B&J are nowadays more in the direction "techno"/progressive. They used to spin more ASOT-like tracks, I think. Piet did it "jedenfalls" in the beforementioned 'party service'.

:choon::choon::choonalert::choon::choon: coming :)

(My guess was right "when the leaves are falling" or so... But what's the exact ID) ?

Edit: "All the leaves are falling"
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"Bye bye und Tschüß"

Danke Piet und Jaspa für die schöne Musik!

Bis nächsten Mal!
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