08-11-2010 DJ Donatas - VZ 099

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was that last track Simon Patterson - Thump?
A Simon Patterson tune?
Welcome along...... hey that alway's my fav...tune ID-ID..:lol:

oh also he is my favorite DJ on AFTERHOURS.FM DJ I.D-I.D.....I wish he would have a dj show on AFTERHOURS....
What's cookin'? :):)

mniam :)
evyqueen87;1689862 :megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy:.......Hello:megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy:[/QUOTE said:
YF: yeah, here's afternoon :) but it's been raining since morning :megacrazy: :wall: