08-11-2010 DJ Donatas - VZ 099

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Lovely tuuune right now!!:super::dance::choon::music:
Whats good Oski! Nice to see you on here :):friends:gettin some inspiration?

Hi :friends: I'm in Switzerland checking out the new stuff :) everything is diff. since last time i was here... i miss USA!! Now listening to some Trance before playin' my own show :megacrazy:
wow ...we a spamming on DJ donatas set ...............:megacrazy:


great tune .:megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy:...DJ.......donatas:megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy:
Nice and uplifting. :dancing:
:friends: How was your son's first day at school?

My dad used to tell the story about my first day at school. He said, I was fine going the first morning. But going back after lunch I didn't want to go back. And literally had to be dragged kicking and screaming through the streets into school:LMAO::LMAO::LMAO: