11-04-2008 4Strings - Binary Frequency

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* current track: Sirens of the sea ~ ~ ~ *

Hello people :) How are you? Ready to party?

:super: virtual, yeah :)

how has your week been, r3s1s74nc3 ? :music:
* goeienavond Piccoli ! How are you doing ? *

he doesn't know what is that:lol::lol::lol:
how is that possible ? After all those years of advertisement and globalwide activities ? :wow: :mask: :)
:super: virtual, yeah :)
how has your week been, r3s1s74nc3 ? :music:

Pfff, hard week with lots of nerves :) Trance is giving me the power I need to be perfect :)

And how are you? Any troubles around :) ?
i see there's another david karesh-esque ranch in san angelo for the religiously defiecient and sexually over anxious men's club...wtf!!!:wow:

why don't we ever hear of these things taking place in montana or wyoming? :hmmm:

For real? I haven't seen any news lately. I generally try to avoid it. :masK:

heya JayCan ! Spring is in the air here ! Before I turned on the computer at 'the igloo', I had a 35 minute's walk with :cat: Moosh ! Lovely change after 8 hours in office ! :music:
OMG this track is amazing

*picco grabs faustus by hand a take her to the dance floor*