13-02-2008 Dave Nadz - Moments of Trance 032

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Dave Nadz Presents
Moments Of Trance


Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday Monthly
EST: 17:00 - 18:00
GMT: 22:00 - 23:00
CET: 23:00 - 00:00

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Moments Of Trance 032

St-Valentine's coming, wish you all trancer lover an happy lovely day :lovers: Today's show featuring 2 EXCLUSIVES tracks that will set the pace for this 32th episode ! Promos from Emotional Horizons and Simon Hunt, Vandit boy Ottaviani, Sean Tyas ... closing with a lovely oldie; pefect to get into the mood of the upcoming DEJA VU event :music:

Live tracklisting during the show :loveah:

00. Intro
01. Ian Buff - ID CD_R EXCLUSIVE
02. ID - ID( Tenthu remix) TBA EXCLUSIVE
03. Emotional Horizons - Love Wont Leave You Alone (Original Mix) CONSPIRACY CD_R
04. Marcos - Reality (Andy Bagguley Remix) COMBINED FORCES CD_R
05. Airbase Pres Parc - Kingpin (Simon Hunt Remix) COMMUNICATE CD_R
06. Talla 2XLC vs Sean Tyas - Heart To Heart (Sean Tyas Mix) TETSUO
07. Graeme Harrison- Xanthe- (Original Mix) FLUX DELUX CD_R
08. Shadowrider - Blue Horizon (Giuseppe Ottavianni Remix) RED FORCE
09. Orinoko - Island (Thrillseekers Remix) POSITIVA

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I won't be able to listen to your set but i'm sure it will be a dance floor killer! I'll catch on replay tomorrow.
I think I'm confusing this with another, I'm not sure :lol:

Still a :choon: though :music:
hey guys - been listening since the start but not here till now :p - choon coming up :)
Sorry here for bad sounds quality .. have no idea what happened during compression ... :cry:
hey guys, needed sum music

damn i have an essay and i dunno wat its even abt