13-05-2008 Hawk - The Natural Selections 027

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there he is :tongue:

A little bit delayed (damn wireless router!), but Here I am! :)

Anyone liking it so far? Meh or Yeh?
no idea :unsure:

funny is that he liked your set yesterday :mask: and he likes schossow :mask:

Typically... Hmm :hmmm: Maybe because some of the tunes I played were also played by AVB in ASOT :lol:..
How much bpm is this Hawk?..
Am I hearing a good mix of silence now?.. :clap:
So Marco is back here for a few minutes... My apologies that I went away for a coffeebreak without telling you :wall:

And I asked Psytronic what the kick-ass fact of the day was... while he was typing I was already away... I'm sorry also for him :(

This is what he said:

2days kick ass fact of the day is:
aspirin is a good grass stain remover as well as treatment for itchy scalp when crushed and added 2 water

I didn't know, did you?

Btw... i like this loungy set, Hawk! Good job :grinning:
01. Sunshine Jones - If you wouldnt mind (Tiger Stripes Remix)
02. Ronski Speed ft Aruna - All The Way (Jonas Steur Remix)
03. Moonbeam - Seeming Reflections (Original Mix)
04. Jay Lumen - Calypso (Original Mix)
05. Delerium ft Sarah Mclahan - Silence (Niels van Gogh vs Thomas Gold Remix) :mml: