16-12-2007 Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 025

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Veselin Tasev
Digital Trance World


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Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World (16-12-2007)

01. Haris C vs Digitalis - Back on Track (Jornvan Deynhoven Remix)
02. Frontline - Halfway House (Original Mix)
03. Tim Preijers - Glazed Eyes (Sequentia Remix)
04. Alan M - Famicom (Temple 1 Remix)
05. Thomas Datt - 2v2 (Sean Tyas Unabridged Remix)
06. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Veselin Tasev Club Remix)
07. Bissen - Quicksand (Bissen's Infinite Harmonies Mix)
08. Miikka Leinonen - Quarter Past (Original Mix)
09. Luke Warner & Mat Lock - Deep Psychosis (Daniel Kandis Cure Mix)
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Started.. \o/
let's do it:super::super:

this is an amazing show, heard it before:super::super:
looking forward for this show, it's amazing:music::super:

as always!!! :super:

gizmo´s looking forward to some nice chooons to fall asleep to :)
this deserves to blast the speakers:super::super:

my house looks like a club now:lol:

waiting for more hi-nrg trance for sure!! my stamina didnt over yet.
nite nite all you tranceaddicts
Enjoy the show!!! :hug:
So. How is everyone today? :super: :cat:
hello addicts :hug: