18-02-2008 DJ Cre8or - Under The Sun Sessions 004

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In this set, what about the other ones ? And this set hasn't finished yet. I have my opinion and I won't change it. I have really weird taste if it comes to music and I know that I won't find many DJs here which play music I like. My bad but what can I do.

Maybe I should go now ? ;)

good burn...
And no,you shouldn't!:grinning:
1. AfterHours.fm - Trance & Progressive.
2. There's more kinds of trance than just Happy Trancy Trance, melodic, euphoric, uplifting or however you call it.
3. It's so predictible. Why in every set I can hear the same tunes ? There's so many DJs over here and 3/4 of them sound the same for me cause they play almost the same tunes.. Even the 'Big Ones' do it.

Do I expect too much ? Just a bit of something different. Something fresh.. And not uplifting.

Although I am a HUGE fan of Happy Trancy Trance, I agree with you...maybe not with the style, but with the fact that only a few tracks are played over and over..

I agree that new releases should be used, but it seems that after 1 month,tracks become old and useless...no one plays them anymore,even if they are amazing....

Technology have spread EDM thru the world, but it really dropped the "lifetime" of a track, what´s really sad....back in early days, a track would be on top for almost one year, because there were few ones being released..now in one week track is forgotten...:cry::p
Hello Ahddicts!!! :hug:

Ok,dude that was the worst choice
you could ever make...:mask:
so what's up man?
How's Tampa?:grinning:

I didn't know about ah until a few of the addicts pointed me in this direction. :)

Tampa is awesome. We were at 81 degrees fahrenheit yesterday. :mml: