2006|11|18 Nitrous Oxide Presents Accelerate Sessions 016

15mins left - speechless - what an intro
explosive track - really excellent sound
knew it wasnt finished - back it comes full blast - brilliant (must check title)
not to impressed with this track, maybe 'tearing down the wall'
last 2 tracks - well must say if they had have been the first 2 tracks

I would have turned off. After one of the best sets this year to finish

or even play them 2 tracks beggars belief. I thought if I said nothing

maybe you'll play that type of track again thinking everyone had

accepted them.

You are brilliant and were so good up to that point - you were top of the shop

IMO - hope you wont be upset with my comments.

no page for the show tonight - 16 Dec 06?
At least the show is on this week. Great news of the week
no track list no participation seems such a waste of
time - such a pity if all the tracks are going to be as
good as this first one.
I guess as there is no web page there will be no t/l tomorrow
another excellent track - what a great sound
I feel I should know the title to this track
such great mixing - same excellent beat
Just tracking treasure down - what awesome sound