2006|12|06 Config Pres Retrovisions 010 XL! With Guestmix by Koris vs Djule !

great track with brill beat and excellent sound
mixing excellent - leading in another great beat
Thanks for all your kind words - it has been easy the music the last 3 and a bit
weeks has been awesome - and listen to this one that Config is playing now -
one of my favs to get a 1000 to - yes as you said Config memorable - thanks
to you all Dj's on AH
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I love this track its awesome - a memorable night
foot tappingly great - thanks a lot Config - you made my night
ConFig wrote: hate it or love it :p

09. Signum vs Gorillaz - The Timelord Feels Good (DJule Mashup)

love love love it definaltely love it