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2006|12|19 Danjo and Styles present Playground 034 - December


Jul 2, 2006
Reaction score
mix length: 2h 00m

starting: Tuesday @ 23:00 CET

sorry TL not yet available
Tuned in
Great! i always wanted to hear them.. Never had the time @ Sunday. Im happy they play now :)
mind you not suprised no t/l - great music no t/l OK the
music wins 10.0
this is tremendous music - what a great beat
Happy they play now - and gone - there's a story there
Brilliant mixers - excellent track selection
whatever the track is - its great - should know it - failed again
A giant in our midst and no one here - what do you really want?
No one come back - I have D & S all to myself - I'm so lucky
I cant believe we have a 2 hour set and no t/l
Its like we asked them to do the set this morning or later tonight - unbelievable