2006|12|19 Danjo and Styles present Playground 034 - December

whoever does the publicity for AH failed tonight you have Danjo
and Styles doing a set and no one on - unbelievable(my word for the
next 12 months)
nice urgent beat away from the amateur sound of the last track
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even though its a bit iffy - but it corrects itself on the big finish
this could be the end its gone past midnight(UK) no t/l not a
clue what is happening until it ends
slowed down a lot - I think its over - the blind leading the blind.
Well I thought it was a great set - not being a fan of D & S very
pleased it wa so good. Excellent sound - excellent mixing as it alwys is-
track selection grade one - yes a great set. - loved it
At least we had a web page for this set to comment on.
HAHA Derek, ur a one man show buddy, and I love it :super: ... this was a nice set too, i enjoyed it
Thanks for your comments Robbie and Jorda and the watcher
they are appreciated - yes it was a great show - loads of great tracks.
Brilliant sound as well.