2006|12|19 Danjo and Styles present Playground 034 - December

but the music is great - and the sound is awesome
not being very good with titles - not a clue on what is playing - but its great
listen to that transition all you apprentice Dj's - awesome
early to bed early to rise - late to bed pick up the brilliant mixes
sounds good to me - this set particularly falls under that description.
How do you guys keep finding these brill pounding tracks
Its nearly midnight here in the UK where are all the Trance fans
around the world?
This is a monumental set - sound brill - beat excellent - track selection
Tried to find fault with the transition because thought they would
struggle but no - perfect in the end - just check to make sure - yes
I'm right - dead on - great mixing - mediocre track but great sound
now it improves - a bit more urgency - yes much better imo.
This really is a brilliant set we are privileged to listen to it
then we have a great mixing intro into a very good (hip hop)track -
like this - good control - and off we go again
There you are a track which is nothing like the intro - who cares?
strange sound being fed in - a throwback maybe to a rock track or
a child playing on a keyboard - dreadful and unprofessional