2007|02|24 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 005 ( Guest: Volt )

c'mon c'mon! hand up people! that's my last!
Ian Holing tracklist were updated in realtime:

*01 Francis Blaid - Mystery (Original Mix) [Active Recordings]
*02 Soeren S - Summer Rain (Original Mix) [RealMusic]
*03 Steve Allen & Ian Holing - Control It (Original Vocal mix) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*04 D-Wave - Let It Shine (Original Mix) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*05 Amex vs Saint Rush - Distant Worlds (Original Mix) [Banshee]
*06 Him - The Sacrament (Serenade Add Rhythm Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*07 Dopy vs Ian Holing - Resilient (Original Mix) [Diverted]
*08 Volt - Sensation (Digital Nature Remix) [RealMusic] [TRACK OF THE MONTH!]
*09 D-Mark - That's Cool (Original Mix) [Dance Department]
*10 Nitrous Oxide - Salida Del Sol (Original Mix) [CDR]

And today our special guest is... Dj Volt

Dj Volt tracklist:

1. Aurosonic – Solar breath (Original mix)
2. Dopy Vs. Ian Holing - Resilient
3. Cold blue & Del Mar – Seven ways

do you like colours?? xDDDD
Im here Ian & Volt.. terrific show as usual ... NO LIMITS ... you already know wath i think of this wonderful prod Amir ! :wow:
thanx all for the support..! im glad u like it...