2007|02|24 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 005 ( Guest: Volt )

thats my remix for Aly and Fila - Uraeus
hope u like it
i've never heard from u before, and 1. your "sensation" track is amazing and 2. your mix is great!!!! so its the best way to open my holidays today!!!!!!!

and one more time :ah:

really appreciate ur sweet words :) thanx again :) hope ull be there on my show too hehe the first session will be 19th of march... cheers :)
yuhu! I will listen voltographic!! go go go!
thats my last track people..hope u enjoyed the set...
and again thanx ian for having me :)
hope u will all tune to Voltography ;)
great sets from you both, it was a pleasure to listen to
lmao not sure about this The Sacrament tune but the rest of the tunes are really great.
I love that D-Mark tune, first heard it on Graham Gold set. Also D-Mark remixing one of my tunes.