31-03-2007 Afterhours.FM Torrent Server *closed as of Dec 1st 08*


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May 1, 2006
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Please note that the Torrent Site is now closed. We hope to provide a new On Demand system in the coming weeks. Please read here for more info http://forum.ah.fm/announcements/5999-31-03-2007-afterhours-fm-torrent-server-5.html#post568900

Due to the demand on our podcasts Afterhours.FM has a torrent site now available to

Our link to the new torrent site is: http://torrents.ah.fm

This torrent site will only have shows broadcasted on Afterhours.FM, and that
Afterhours.FM holds the rights to. Please see the below disclaimer for further

Afterhours.FM will now make podcasts available on our torrent site 48 hours after
the initial broadcast of our resident shows. If you download, please help by
seeding what you download for at least 24 hours.

Running both AfterHours.FM & Torrents Archives costs a lot of money (not to mention
the amount of work ;) Every donation (even small ones) are highly appreciated!

Thanks for the support in making Afterhours.FM you choice for the best EDM in the


All files shared on the torrent site are copy written and owned by Afterhours.FM We
have expressed written consent to share these shows in .MP3 and torrent format, and
are for promotional purposes only! You may not sell, publish to a different site or
re-broadcast these files without expressed written consent of Afterhours.FM

This site only contains mixed shows broadcasted on Afterhours.FM We do not support
illegal file sharing, therefore you will not find material outside of our broadcasts
on this torrent site.

Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to this torrent site, please
e-mail info@afterhours.fm

Afterhours.FM General Manager
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Finally you posted that info Dan :) Now we've already upped there packs from previous In The Mix shows. As i am one of the uploaders and administrators there i want u guys to:


:) cheers
Sweet Dan.

I know I for one am extremely excited to be able to listen to any number of the great artists who put hese awesome sets together.
Until Afterhours.fm is available on satelite radio, I will be playing these all day when I can.
Great work Dan, and of course, I'd like to thank all the brilliant DJ's on this site for their breathtakingt mixes. Cheers to you all.
:hello: :itsme: :) :wow: :ah: :lmao: :hello:
nice, when i get home... ill do my part in seeding too...
Blah i couldnt seed! Stupid router kept disconnecting my messengers every random min! Pisses me off so i stopped seeding.
please seed people, once you finish downloading please as well seed :)
it will help everyone out :)
I'm seeding what I can. lets all seed. Sounds dirty:P
Just wanted to let everyone know that me, kowy and dfx are working on a automatic solution for all torrents. This should be complete within a few days, when this is done all Afterhours shows will be on the torrent automatically.

Please bare with us as we are working to have a smooth solution in place :)

Also wanted to thank Kowy for looking after the server, its taken alot of time to authorize the accounts and upload torrents. Thanks Kowy!!
Ya, thx Kowy, great job. I know i appreciate all the hard work.
every day, to a from work, in the yard, out for a walk, taking ah.fm with me everywhere.:ah:
The system is done, all shows will be on torrent 24hours after show.

Its all automatic, thank you to dfx for making this work.
:) nice.
thank you. i really wanted to listen to Duderstadt Electronic Eavesdropping 002.
Very Very Nice, Cant wait for the massive end of the year pack :D :D
could you make your sig any bigger lol
yes :P just wanted to show my dedication to here :)
thank you for the support ! helps seed to others :)
my pleasure will definitely be seeding the EOTY pack once uploaded :)