31-03-2007 Afterhours.FM Torrent Server *closed as of Dec 1st 08*

Me? A collector? No one ever called me that before. I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks! (kiss) :hug:

I'm in the "begging and collection" phase now. I'm asking all the AH DJs if we may carry and promote their sets. For the new guys on the block, the new DJs and/or shows, I'm doing a little special promotion on our front page in the News section. It's the "collection" that's the hard part. But I'm getting the sets as fast as I can. Please bear with us while we gather them up and get some kid of system in place for getting them more easily than what I'm doing now. What I'm doing now sucks! It's too hard! I need an easier way! Ack! Someone help me!

We are also having several issues with our mail client. It doesn't seem to want to send out the confirmation emails in a timely manner. Plus, those emails are showing up in people's SPAM folder, so if you sign up be on the look out for that. If you don't get your email at all, PLEASE contact me right away. If you discover that you've timed out and got automatically deleted because of not responding to the email which you NEVER got, please resign up! We are working on it and hope to have it permanently fixed soon. Thanks for your patience! :super::hug::cat:

It's always hard at the beginning. Then it gets smoother as more people start showing up. Those that know how to work torrent websites like those might also help when they see what you're doing.