Afterhours.FM Store launched...

Hello all, wanted to inform you all that the store has been launched. Only one product now but will be adding more very soon :)

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping. All prices in USD$ and can be paid by paypal :)
Also your forum accounts dont work on the store site, please make new ones.

cheers all

nice... ill take one!
Hanki - you are missing the point.

You are not buying a tshirt. You are supporting Afterhours.FM.

Everybody knows you can buy a "tshirt" cheaper. I can go to Asia and buy them for 10 cents each, hand made by some chinese 12yr old girl.

BUT when I buy from Afterhours.FM, sure...I am paying more. But I am getting a t-shirt printed with the AH.FM logo, and I am SUPPORTING AFTERHOURS.FM.

I see you have a weekly show on this station, and you haven't donated yet. Nice.
I'm sure hanki will donate when he has the means.:hello:

This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

Nice Kitty:wow:

Thats weird, Dan can't take the $$$?
This recipient is currently unable to receive money.


yeah paypal locked my account cause i mispelled my address, it will be all cleared up within 48 hours :(

were you trying to buy the shirt master?

btw welcome back :)
Ya Bro, I was going for a XL Mens T-shirt.

Thanks for the welcome back!! I'll have to talk to you when I get a chance. Mystik probably already told you what's up with me.

Now that looks sexy!
yeah :)

master the paypal thing will be fixed soon :(

pm me you # ill call you today, havent spoken to you in a while. cheers

Now we're talking, thats hot.
Dan, get a shirt like that made and get it modelled.
I think a model can cost as little as $20. I'll cough up 420 for the Model shoot
Perhaps JellyFish ould model it for free? Obviously she'd geta free T? or what is teh one arm sling type called?
they look hot ill see what i can do... btw white t-shirts are in store now :)
Time to order S0oN!
alright Dan...I'll be ordering some white shirts with summer coming up out here in California!
got my shirts today, superb quality stuff indeed:love: