Afterhours.FM Store launched...

very nice. Dan, when will they be available?:lolz:
Im definately going to buy one since Ill be doing gigs this Summer!:love:
We need more metrosexual stuff :p
come on people dont be sacred to purchase and support Afterhours.FM radio :)

ps.. cheaper to buy 2 due to just paying 1.5X for shipping rather then 2X :)
my 2 new versions about the new product u added xD



the second one would be really really nice, cause for people who use ... i dont know the english name... trousers under your waist... they show underwear.... so in the back or in the front, u can read

just some ideas :)

.. and of course in black please xD
i dont think i would wear this... unless its for you jelly :)
Some hot suggestions from Jelly! :wow:

How about some headgear? Then when some dude is leaning down to read her butt, blocking the view, everyone can still see the promo on his hat. :)
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I've add some new products to store.
All announced products are available today!
Ill have my first professional gig soon and plan on sportin my shirt! :)
cheaper to buy 2 since 2 shirts can fit in one package :)
Wow, Womens underwaer, and more t-shirt styles.

Very nice Dan.
just got mine today, sick t-shirt, thinking about ordering a couple more too! :)