EOYC 2015 Community Contest Main Thread

Jingles received) Need to choose from four one lingle on start the set?
WOW, what a news!:super: It's really amazing news - be a part of the HUGEST massive marathon @ AH.fm again! I congratulate all the winners, there's was very many great sets this year, I listened all of them. There was SOO many uplifting (that I really like), and very interested Progressive and Psy sets. Some of sets were REALLY originally for tracklists. All the same in the majority of contestants are many popular songs repeated. I regret that someone really amazing sets didn't receive high scores (IMHO, of course). Friends, do not be discouraged, you can try your hand at next year, I believe in you.

Big thanks for that support, thanks for your votes, I didn't expect to take such a high position, really.
I know that someone of you will be dissapointed, that results didn't published. I personally would like to see all ratings with the estimates, I think people would be interested to know the exact number of points on which they evaluated (for objectivity).

And right now I want to make a list of the best sets of the contest in my opinion (in particular order):

*Light Of The Future
*Milen Petrov
*Bryan de Lacosta
*Cookie Man
*Sleepless Nights Radio
*Jonathan Bridges

Thanks again to all! And let's EOYC begin!
Sincerely, MegaTorn aka Sander van Torn

Thanks for the support mate! Will try again next year ;)
My mix upload is done
My mix is the winner one at TrancePodium.com ;) I`m waiting for all the winners ;) Stettiner (Poland) ;)
I asked Above the Clouds for the feedback to my mix two times. No reaction. "Meeting deadlines", comunication...the contest was really bizarre this year.