favorite style(s)?

favorite style(s)?

  • Trance (regular, uplifting, oldschool)

    Votes: 121 84.0%
  • Progressive trance

    Votes: 71 49.3%
  • Progressive house

    Votes: 28 19.4%
  • Electro (and related styles)

    Votes: 17 11.8%
  • Techtrance

    Votes: 41 28.5%

  • Total voters


Oct 27, 2006
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as a side effect of the trance popularity discussion, i decided to post a short poll here. there is also another reason though, which is that i cannot really answer this question myself.

my favorite styles are trance, progressive trance and progressive house. when i listen to progressive house, i can truly lose myself in this music, and at this moment nothing else seems to exist and i just want to listen to it forever. on the other hand, when i listen to good trance, it immediately brings up emotions that makes me forget all progressive stuff and makes me think it's the best music there is. progressive trance is somewhere in between those two. so i cannot really decide which i like best.

what do you guys think?

(please forgive me if i forgot to mention some specific style in the poll :) - only styles relevant to ah.fm are listed of course)
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I like all of those to varying degrees, with my favourites being Trance/Progressive Trance/Progressive House. Electro and Techtrance i go in and out of phases of liking these genres really, so my votes go for the initial 3.

for me its generally my state of mind that reflects what i listen to, and indeed that i play. ive never had an electro or techtrance track touch my heart in a way that the other genres do.
Voted for Trance, Progressive Trance and Techtrance...
I can listen to progressive house but I get bored very easily with it...The three I voted for just make me feel soo good...cannot describe what the music does to me but I assume must of you ppl know what im talking about...
Dfx, I'm right with you!

I voted progressive trance, progressive house, and trance.

There aren't many tech songs that I really like...so it's not really a favorite genre...though advanced, the future, 3 stortion...theyre nice.

Alone, trance will no doubt win, but in a mix, on your mp3 player, or at a club, it's pretty hard to listen to one climaxing uplifting song after another, as opposed to progressive.
voted for all :smile1:

my favorite is progressive house, it's really good when you want to chillout, relax, but it also works in a club. I really like that energy in most electro influenced trance tracks (like Electric Sheep or PAFF's remix of Oxygen Essential)... the trancy trance is also good, but when i listen to alot of it i simply get bored...
I used not to like tech in the past, but it really really great works in a club :)
I like proper trance and also have a soft spot for Goa/psy trance, as well as some of the progressive stuff. I still consider "tech trance" to be a contradiction in terms, just as "hard ambient" would be. :)
I like them all :) I prefer electrotrance
Trance (regular, uplifting, oldschool)
Progressive trance
Uplifting my first favourite style.
Then the others.
I like Techno too, proggy, but electro not much.
I love Trance . This style is my no 1 at 2nd place is progressive (of course trance).:lovers:
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uplifting progressive > banging trance.

splash of tech maybe, but cant beat the perfect set!
Uplifting trance FTW...:super::super:

I also love those balearic songs, DJ Shah´s style.. :wub:

But I like some progs too...:grinning:
1. Uplifting Trance
2. Tech Trance
3. GOA/Psy Trance
4. Progressive Trance
5. Hard Trance

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