favorite style(s)?

favorite style(s)?

  • Trance (regular, uplifting, oldschool)

    Votes: 121 84.0%
  • Progressive trance

    Votes: 71 49.3%
  • Progressive house

    Votes: 28 19.4%
  • Electro (and related styles)

    Votes: 17 11.8%
  • Techtrance

    Votes: 41 28.5%

  • Total voters
Trance (regular, uplifting, oldschool)
To the one who wrote that: Do you know what oldschool, in trance, means? It has nothing to do with uplifting. LOL

Oldschool trance is no longer produced. That kind of trance as nothing to do with today's trance.
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Uplifting trance:wub:
Trance all the way baby !
Uplifting trance FTW. Thank God there's trance music in this world, otherwise I would just commited suicide lol. I just can't live without this music.