favorite style(s)?

favorite style(s)?

  • Trance (regular, uplifting, oldschool)

    Votes: 121 84.0%
  • Progressive trance

    Votes: 71 49.3%
  • Progressive house

    Votes: 28 19.4%
  • Electro (and related styles)

    Votes: 17 11.8%
  • Techtrance

    Votes: 41 28.5%

  • Total voters

Most of all "Hard Trance/Dance"

uplifting trance here:super:

but sometimes progressive trance when is good:music:
Anything electronica with a sweet vibe ... i'm good :)

So much out there and unheard.
:music:Progressive Trance........and I do have a love for tribal as well, deep underground tribal:grinning:
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EVERYTHING :S i love all music

progressive... trance... tech trance... etc etc

i heard a lot of music every day
Regulal Trance
Progressive Trance
Hard Trance/Dance
and some Electro

1. Uplifting Trance
2. Tech Trance
3. GOA/Psy Trance
4. Progressive Trance
5. Hard Trance


As of lately, my tastes in EDM have grown as well as changed a bit.

1. Psy/Goa Trance
2. Tech Trance/ Techno
3. Hard Trance/ Hard Dance
4. Electro House
5. Tribal
6. Progressive Trance
7. Uplifting Trance (but only in moderation)

I like all those to some degree, but the most i like atm is regular trance, followed closely by tech trance and progressive trance.

I am also starting to like harder trance after I've heard UK in the mix, and the end of laz's set the other day..

oh also, psy, goa are sometimes fun :music:

but in the end nothing beats the good old regular trance with long breakdowns...
Voted for regular, uplift, old school , cause its the nearest by my personal Melodic anthem uplift style :grinning:

also like tech trance and other styles of Trance like goa and psy....electro isnt mine and house is only in summer beach club feelings my music

so all in all

im a couriosity :lol:
oh well i had to vote for 3 was not able to vote just one

trance,progressive trance and tech trance

Uplifting Trance
Hard Trance
Psy/Goa Trance
top 3 right now

will always be Uplifing Forever number 1!!!
just like to listen to some trance tracks of armin van buuren..
so I voted Trance.
progressive is a little bit too dull for me to be honest...