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May 1, 2006
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What is ? is a free online radio which plays all variations of Trance and House music from DJ's around the world. Also provide forums, news, reviews, interviews and 24/7 hosted radio shows.

Why Donate to ?

As many of you know, to run a 24/7 Radio Station you need high end servers with lots of bandwidth, in which the bandwidth is expensive. is 100% non profit, and is operatated at the personal expense of the owner and is supported by donations. With your donations we can go on and keep proving you with fresh new Dj Sets, High end servers 192K and 96K, also when you donate you will get a " supporter" ribbon under your name, just a little thank you from us.

The donations go towards ( servers bandwidth, software licensing fees such as forums, hosting costs, domain registration, and maintenance costs.)

How do I donate to Afterhours.FM ?

We take donations by Paypal, bank transfer or Western Union, easiest way is to click the Paypal donate button that's located on top with other links.

Also you can donate by:

Bank to bank ( pm me for bank info )
Regular Post ( PM me for address )

Afterhours PayPal email is:

From ....

We would like to thank everyone for their donations and support, either if it's support by donations or by being here and being part of a great community aswell helping by spreading the word. More good things will come and we will grow, all thanks to you guys, once again Thanks!!

-- Afterhours.FM
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I have gotten a email this week, actually somewhat bad. My server fees will be going up, by 50% or more. This is truly sad news for me... I have started as of May 08, 2006, although it was in plan since January 2006. It gave me 5 months of planning ( DJ's, automation, servers, money, licenses, ) plus many more aspects of starting a radio, Im sure you get the idea. As you all know or may not, Afterhours is non profit and its a owners expense ( me ). I have worked and worked harder to have this radio at where it is today in 6 months time. It's incredible on how much Afterhours has grown. Im exctatic to see it in next 6 months, a year, 2 + more. But this is to all fo you guys, the people that come and listen to music and comment on DJ's great shows. You guys make the name Afterhours, this is a team thing, not just me, I try and do my best to have all shows on time and biggest best exclusive shows for you guys.

There is soo much more I want to do with Afterhours, I have a huge list of enhancements and new things to build and offer to all of you in the next 6 months. Will mention them more below, but for me to do this all Afterhours needs donations to keep this station running, believe me its really hard to finance it all.

So I ask from Afterhours radio, if you can please help Afterhours by donating ( anything you can, there is no set $ for a donation ). Aswell we have Google sponsors, please do check them out, you might find something you really like.

Last thing but not least, I will not give up on Radio, this is my passion and my push, not only it helps me work at my full time job, but I love to see people tunning in and sharing the same feelings, and enjoying the true quality of, I do this for Music keeping it alive. Therefore Afterhours is not and will not shutdown. Having said that I thank you all supporters, DJ's friends and listeners for making what it is today Afterhours.

Some things that are on plan for 2007.
- Fresh new site with many goodies and information
- Live shows will begin
- More Dj's
- Competitions, AH store
+ many more things, want to keep it as a suprise.

Thank you all for reading this post. Any comments appreciated.

Owner of Afterhours.FM

attached is the email from colocation.

We’ve reached a critical point in our growth. With our first $1M revenue year around the corner in 2007, we need to decide where we go from here. We’re in an industry that changes rapidly. In the past 12 months, many new innovations have come out. But since we’re spending every cent that comes in every month, we can’t explore those opportunities. And since we’re not interested in outsourcing our support or cheaping out on providers, we’re going to raise our prices instead.

I can’t tell you exactly how much prices will go up. I can tell you that we have 24 racks full with over 500 servers total at Market Post Tower. But we’re full…we don’t have much more room to add new customers. We’re about to sign a new lease on 20 more racks in Santa Clara, CA (about 10 miles from Market Post Tower). We’ll keep our current customers at Market Post Tower and continue building out new customers and services in Santa Clara. However, the datacenter space market has drastically changed in the past 12 months, and our new lease is double the space cost of our current one. That means our prices will go up probably 50% or more for colocation, and dedicated server prices (for new servers) will increase as well.

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Hey guys, please help whoever can! This is a great station, let's keep it alive!
Hey guys,

I know it's a really tight time to be asking you guys to donate. Like Dan said, we have lots planned over the next few months, and we need your help to get us through.

We have some of the top world producers/DJ's signed on here, and to keep AH going we ask a very small favor. We're not asking you to donate hundreds of $$$, we're looking for each of you to donate what you can.

It's basically up to you guys if you want AH to continue. We also ask that you click on our sponsors everytime you visit or log into AH. That will help out as well, but we need your donations to help with the cost of running the servers.

Thanks everyone for all your support, and hope to be here in '07 we have lots planned.

Whe need to put energy and money together :proud: This sation is wonderful ... If everyone's around give a liitle 10 $ a month (2 beers) this is nothing lol ! And for the one's who lived from this EDM industry ......... lots of peeps support you here ;)
Wish i could help aswell, but the only thing i can do is visit the sponsors..
I would donate, if i would have a credit card...

I wish i could do more than that, this place has kinda grown to me...
We have lot's planned, but if donations do not come in, it will not be very easy to stay frequently up and running in full health - debts and other problems aren't very good at all.
Please, we need your help to donate whatever you can, Dan cannot do this by himself, it is very stressful for him.

Thanks guys, keep AH alive! Do it for Dan and do it for all of us DJ's who are contributing weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, or what ever the case may be.

~Jordan xoxo
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Seems you cant do it all by yourself I wish I could donate all my money in my Paypal account but I cant login Paypal never answer there freaking phones or fax. Last I had 34 USD. I might have to create a new account. It will be sad to lose all the hard work put into it, all the top djs in a few months. Ill see what I can do!
Thank You all for reading this and supporting. Really appreciated.
I am going to make a donation soon enough. It would a be a real shame to see this site go down.

There has been lots of good ideas of having radio commercial or other things in order to help pay for the costs of the servers. Sadly, I think that would be rather annoying, but I guess whatever it takes to keep this awesome site up and streaming music.
Paypal is deep shit :( I cant sponsor
You dont need credit card guys to use paypal , just ad your bank account number, transfer founds in your paypal account .... AND DONATE FOR THE HEALTH OF AFTERHOURS.FM :P
Im with everyone on this topic! This show has helped spread music and talent never herd before, and thats something that everyone is looking for as well as myself! Definately want to keep going!
You dont need credit card guys to use paypal , just ad your bank account number, transfer founds in your paypal account .... AND DONATE FOR THE HEALTH OF AFTERHOURS.FM :P

I tried but my bankpass didnt got accepted. I tried two times with a different e-mail adress. Sadly im not able to try again according to i already used my adresses. ( When i had to typ the last 3 numbers of my bankpass it said the numbers didnt count.)

I've been surfing the web for streaming EDM for at least 3 years now, and by far, supplies the best continuous top tracks out of any of em.

Thanks Dan, for the great work, my life just wouldn't be the same.

Hope anyone with spare change can help out