ill just put the paypal on auto or something... and btw... with so many members... all you would need is like $1 from each every 2 months or something...
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will donate as soon as i get a cc...
Hi there :hello:

As eveyone here can see, we certainly have the best internet radio station . Listerners are constantly growing up, lots of international dj/producer are playing here ... or want to join are wonderful radio. Tiesto's set in Poland will be aired .... We get thoses MASSIVE events like NO other radio have. We could be proud of ; but this superb exposure into the electronic music scene, deserve a COLLECTIVE effort.

Dan's a passionate, and he put all the time, energy and $$$ he have into this station, simply for the love of trance/electronic music , but certainly to get everyones here, the RESPECT and the EXPOSURE we need :) Im sure lots of listeners here, thinking that we are sponsored and get $$$ . That's not the point . The point is : AH.FM isnt making financial benefits. AH.FM is breathing from the money of one man and some little donate here and there. :rolleyes:

I dont want to flame someone here, but i hope everyone will be concern about this, and will get back to, what she's giving you. Think about those 150-200 listerners you get during you show, the feed back your get about your sets, the numerous freinds & contact you made here .... And the wonderful quality of streaming & DJ's we have.

We have to covert what it cost to run . Its a minimal RESPECT, to at least ... pay what it cost ; what it cost in term of bandwith to broadcast your 1h or 2h show :) DONATE 3-5 $ per month , is NOTHING for everyone here .... Buy t-shirt, were it at your live gigs or went going out .

It's an EMERGENCY call !!! For the health of :ah:

Well said Dave,

I know that Dan is only receiving around 15% in donations per month of the total cost to run the site.

Look at what the Afterhours family has achieved in a year. A full schedule of top shows with some of the most respected DJ's, the great "In The Mix" events.

Do you want to lose that?

Cause right now its looking likely without some financial support from you guys, the AH family

Magik ain't kidding. We really need your help. Without donations this site dies.
In recognition of your support you get a " supporter" banner under your avatar. It also lets everyone else know you support the radio station that helps keep the EDM community alive.
yes people please donate. I truly believe this is THE BEST station anywhere.

thanks to Dan and all the fantastic DJ's

like i said before.. if most people who have cc's would donate, thats all it would take...
Dan,I think your paypal ID/address has been fixed and now works fine,I just sent something
ciao ciao
I did my part and will again as soon as I get my first paycheck from my new job. I love this place. Dan and crew have made me feel welcome after I was banned permanently at that other station for telling them they were chicken shit to not tell their users, especially the ones like me who paid for Premium, what in the hell was going on. So, after 3.5 years and 29K posts, I'm gone. Poof. Just like that. Dan assures me that won't happen here. Praise the Trance gods! The Cat Lady has a new home! Thank you! Thank you! :loveah::thankyou:
i will help, just waiting to get my last paycheck 1 january, dont worry dan we not going to leave you alone. :hug:

i will donate continously in the future, maybe is not much as i am not rich hope it help ya. keep the good job dude, this site is amazing.
yesp same with me i will donate in January too, Dan and this radio deserves a help for his dedication to the music and give us what we like, trance, let's not let die this radio:hug:
thank you guys !! much appreciated... you guys are a huge addition to the family :)

Well seeing as that I love this station so much I just made a donation and hope to keep making more donations in the future:music:


thanks bro, your a supporter now :) enjoy the extra features :)
I will say this:

I love the station and I love the people here.

I want for this station to remain on the air and healthy. I will be donating within the next 2 months. It will start out small but increase from there. I have a Paypal account all set up and ready.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it:icecream:

From Tampa, Florida,

thanks bro, your a supporter now :) enjoy the extra features :)
oh snap we get xtra features.....thats cool bro.....well xtra features or no xtra features im still gonna donate:grinning:
Will give a donation soon :)
I don't have alot of money but this station plays some really good shows, so i hope all little bits will help...
I will always help to support these music styles!
I donated today and I don't regret it :D I try to donate every month from now on

Hello all. I! I LOVE AH-FM for the best music I've ever heard that is Trance on AH (but it's not my only style of music, I love Hardcore too). I know that all of this costs in time, energy and money, and I want that this continue at least until I die because I think Trance is untemporal: zenity and non-violence are the ways of peace of the mind (and this works very well after work to destress) and peace of the mind is the way for a better life (in opposition to Hardcore that is the way to unleash your body on jumping heratically, good too for health if not violent I think).
But, to agglomerate to this post, AH-FM, free of charge to listen high quality music H24, needs money to survive on this capitalist world. So, my question is: Can we donate by other means like paypal? I don't like electronic means of payment at all. If I decide to make a donation to AH-FM it would be by species (in €). If it's possible, could you give me an address to post my (small) amount of money in donation to AH?