Who is the better PRODUCER?

Who is the better producer/s?

  • Above & Beyond

    Votes: 88 42.7%
  • Armin Van Buuren

    Votes: 37 18.0%
  • Ferry Corsten

    Votes: 41 19.9%
  • Paul Van Dyk

    Votes: 23 11.2%
  • Tiesto

    Votes: 17 8.3%

  • Total voters
Ferry Corsten! No questions asked, no quarters given! Hes simply amazing!
Tijs :D hehe :p Does he even produce himself?
non of those are any producer that I'm that big on so...i didn't vote. I have other better producers that I think are the best! :)
I like the DJ style of all those big name djs like Armin Van Buuren or Ferry Corsten, but honestly their productions are starting to dislike me... Above & Beyond are still awesome like yesterday, so I've choosed them.
PvD for me, the man is a legend and has been producing stuff from the early 90's when i got into the scene. I do luv Above & Beyond, Armin & Ferry aswell though... :)

Not the biggest fan of Tiesto tbh... :( Although the tracks he done with Ferry under the alias of Gouryella are lethal...
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Ferry Corsten without a doubt. Let's face it; Ferry constantly tries to renew and come with new things. After a couple of years with uplifting trance Ferry sees it's becoming unpopular. So he shifted to electro en produces more techy tracks like L.E.F. While the others started to go towards pop music Ferry got more into electro and even rock. Now with his latest album Twice in a blue moon he got back to trance. It's more tech-trance and he also still use some electro.
Also, Ferry produce alot on his own, while others get help. It is known that the tracks of Tiësto are produced most of the time by Waakop-Reijers. Same happens with the remixes.
Ferry even got a price one time for the best producer, an ericsson music award.
None of the others have achieved this. I like also the others, but when it comes to producing no one can beat Ferry Corsten.

The poll isn't realistic. People vote for where they fan of and don't look any further.
For me now the best producer is Arctic Moon. Becouse created among other works such as "Monsun" and "True Romance". Secend producer is Marcel Woods becouse created "Tomorrow" and "Symphonica". Third producer is .... now i don't now i must waiting... Cheers. Great thread. :) :) :)
From these? Above&Beyond. They've build base of trance, theirs tracks are not-forgotten.
It's got to be Armin van Buuren! :smile:
Looking back on the last three years, I have to go for Armin van Buuren. Above & Beyond produce nice tunes, too, but to be honest, they first have to be remixed by other people to become really amazing tracks.

I like what Tiesto has done in the last year. He's experimenting with other electornic music genres, and every track he releases is an absolute club burner. Ferry Corsten did some great stuff in 2006, I think, with his "electro-trance" album. It really pushed some boundaries. And looking back on System F or Gouryella, he was once one of the major forces in Trance. Nowadays, well, not so much...

And Paul van Dyk – I don't know. Most of the tracks he produces sound stale to me, like he doesn't have any ideas at all. An exception from the last year might be his collaboration with Johnny McDaid, "Home". But otherwise, neither his productions nor his DJ sets convince me.

But my favorite producer is actually Leon Bolier. :)
Ferry Corsten... no other words. He's the main base for Gouryella, System F, Vimana... OOTB forever.
who do u think is the best producer out of the top 5 and give reasons why aswell. i personally think Above & Beyond cos there trance is reet up my ally.

what do u think?

OK Neil, I have read your post. I think Quincy Jones is the best producer. He is also known as jazz icon, having toured with Dizzy Gillespie and playing with a young Ray Charles. He is known as a respected composer as well as producer of our generation.:dance:
I think all these guys had their day. But their days are gone. And trance is dying because all these guys are killing it with progressive.
I think all these guys had their day. But their days are gone. And trance is dying because all these guys are killing it with progressive.
To bad when newcomers in EDM search for "Trance" they get artists like these above which mainly creates mainstream and commercial tracks now, tracks which have nothing to do with trance. Then they get ASOT, Club Life etc. to know which are just getting worse every week, playing g*d damn pop now!
In many ways trance is evolving, it has done that since the millenium and that is great, but when people just listen to tracks with lyrics like "Oh oh oh, I cut myself, oh oh oh" with random beats they just listen to "pop-trance".
True, these artists had their time, now they pretty much suck, that's why we have Afterhours, still playing great, modern trance, also with more unknown artists.
Trance was way better 10-15 years ago, but todays trance is great as well. Just don't search for "trance" on google, you'll just get some pretty damn bad producers/dj's
I think all these guys had their day. But their days are gone. And trance is dying because all these guys are killing it with progressive.
No, you can not say this. You are the most experience person in this field. It is so bad. I think every producer have some special qualities that make him best as compared to the other. Every person has some personal problems so anybody can not have a permission to interfere in the others life.