Who is the better PRODUCER?

Who is the better producer/s?

  • Above & Beyond

    Votes: 88 42.7%
  • Armin Van Buuren

    Votes: 37 18.0%
  • Ferry Corsten

    Votes: 41 19.9%
  • Paul Van Dyk

    Votes: 23 11.2%
  • Tiesto

    Votes: 17 8.3%

  • Total voters
I voted Paul Van Dyk all his productions have been amazing

Armin is the better DJ though
Above & Beyond followed by Paul.

But seeing as A&B are 3 and Paul is 1, Paul should really win it.
Paul van Dyk and A&B are the most experienced producers, however the others do their job perfectly
My order is:
1. Armin van buuren,
2. Above & Beyond,
3. Ferry Corsten,
4. Paul van Dyk,
5. Tiesto.

Why I consider Armin the best producer of these listed above? Because he's the only producer whose tracks (some of them) get stuck in my head and keep playing and replaying even 3 or 4 days after I listen to them. I go to the bed, and next day when I wake up, the track or continues to play in my head.
Orbion, Mirage, Desiderium 207, Blue Fear, Communication are just some of them... And what's weird, I just like all the tracks on his albums. All of them.

On the other side, Above & Beyond produced some of the world's best vocal tracks (their OceanLab project), which I really love, but when it comes to choose between Armin and anyone else, I choose Armin.