Who is your favorite DJ?


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Aug 8, 2006
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Who is your favorite DJ and why is he/she? I am interested in what ppl have as their favorite. I mean DJ as in liveset, not as producer :P:

I like Tiesto the most of all. In the first place he doesnt look that good. But after i heard him live somewhere i felt in love immediatly :love:

I love the way how he brings the new track while mixing. Everytime he mixes in a new track you get an euforic feeling. I like the way armin van buuren mixes too but he doesnt fit the magikal skills Tiesto has.

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nice topic... i hope everyone shares their fav's dj :)
nice topic... i hope everyone shares their fav's dj :)

I noticed we need a bit more forum activeness so threads like this are welcome. You didnt tell us about your favorite dj yet Dan.. :P:
I love Tiesto too, he might be a corporate conglomerate (spelling?!) these days but he still knows how to thrill a crowd..... in my opinion of course!

He's always relentlessly playing with his knobs (on the mixer before you get any ideas!!) when bringing in a new track.

He generally plays a wider range of tracks too, something I enjoy as I like many different forms of EDM......

Can't wait to see him when he's back in the UK
DJ Precision & Ronski Speed was my favorite of all time! But now is Aly & Fila, DJ Shah!
Since Ronski Speed doesnt really spin my style anymore and DJ Precision quit to keep up with his label Somatic Sense!
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and mine.. hm.. i don't know :P: too much..
but for sure i love Markus Schulz for his set from BeOKEY Club in Slovakia <3 this set has all what i want from music : energy, massive beats, a lot of choons and some nice lyrics and relaxing tunes :love:
No one is better than PVD... Paul has got the best mixing skills (no matter if its vinyl cd or pc) this guy simply rocks. No one on earth can make such energy-filled sets like he does... Armin is also goood... but PVD is my personal No1

I always wanted to hear PVD live. I still have no date planned. He doesnt spinns in Holland enough :(
I always wanted to hear PVD live. I still have no date planned. He doesnt spinns in Holland enough :(

he was in Poland last year at Creamfields and i didn't hear him but i heard that it wasn't amazing set, nothing special.. but i also saw film from Love Parade 2006 and Paul's set was unforgettable! one of best sets at LP 06
so now.. and now i don't know.. i don't like Paul as a producer and i haven't heard him live yet so .. i'm neutral :P:
fav dj well let see i seen tiesto live many times and i love how he drives the crowd he gets into the crowd but his sets arent that great some times he is my number 1 dj when is LIVE but on the radio ferry corsen woah that kid is insane i meet him a cuple of times and woah he is nuts inside the dj booth and out side so
number one to listen to live TIESTO number 2 listen on radio or live ferry corsen !
number 3 pvd !
There is a big difference between TIESTO live and live at the radio. I think he is way better Live. On the radio he is just as good as many other dj's..
me!!!!! =)
other than me id have to say
above and beyond, i love their style, and hows everything matches even though they dont use harmonic mixing
Armin van Buuren, Rank 1, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk. I wouldn't say Tiesto anymore, but he's also a solid DJ.
For Tiesto is the best.
I also love Mark Norman, they got a bit harder style IMO
And best talented dj for is Phynn

I never heard phynn live. I know he rox though. I think i agree with those dj's. Mark Norman is awesome live aswell :wow: