AH.fm iPhone App

Use the shoutcast app then, it's what i use and does me fine when im out and about. So much so I haven't missed a second of EoYC since it began :)
where did the afterhours.fm iphone app go...? anyone have an old copy of it? i had to reset all my iphone apps, lost it, and cant find it on the app store anymore :dontknow::unsure:
were working on bringing the app back into app store mate... :)
when can we expect the application to be back on itunes?
I am currently using the fstream app to listen to the show.
ive said it before and il say it again, put the ah.fm app in a repository on cydia.:bravo:
the person responsible for the AH.FM app has not provided me with the source code ... so were looking for a new developer to code a AH.FM iPhone App.

anyone interested? please pm me
I use an app called WunderRadio which can bet setup to play the AH.FM streams. It has an option to create a "bookmark" icon on the home screen so when you click on the AH.FM icon it opens up WunderRadio and tunes into the stream.

Works nicely, I use it all the time.
Would be really nice if we can find someone for making a new iPhone app, especially when OS 4.0 is getting released... Then you can, without a jailbreak, have apps in the background of your iPhone, and so listen Afterhours in the background:):)

Using the old app still sometimes:)
Still no new one? I don't even have the old one though .. ;(
we need to have this asap :( dare i say it, but DI just released a pretty sick one
my friend (a resident dj here) still has the original ah.fm app and it still works! do you all need help programming one... i could be of some assistance if need be?