AH wallpaper

if someone has time please... maybe create a background #363636 ... and a bunch of AH logos on it? however the logos must white or little lighter color then the background :)

I would love to use that in my mobile background... but have little knowledge of photoshop... :)

something like this but with logos only


maybe like this? :)

That's awesome! :)

I'm no graphics designer but I'll give resizing and cropping to a 960x640 a whirl for us iPhone 4 types a whirl later on ;)
Beautiful work all around, I give these 5 paws!
Well..It's been a while..and I did a quick little experiment with Paint.NET..and got this..

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Sorry... maybe anybody can help me... Where can I get AH.FM vector logo?
Of course, I can trace it from ready images, but maybe it already done?
And more... to "AH Global" theme ;-)
loving the new wallpapers, saved them and using it now :)