EOYC 2022

and maybe it's not a surprise anymore, but i'm really happy to say that
Jhonny Vergel is also a part of this event for the seventh year in a row :super:
Waiting! EOYC time is coming!
Best time of the year! Looking forward to the EOYC! I would love to see Ummet Ozcan in the line up! :)
Would like to See Anna Lee here again
I would like to hear Aurosonic and Frainbreeze)
I know that Aurosonic was ah.fm resident some time ago, maybe you saved contacts?
Ok so here's my wishlist :D

Solarstone, Nick Callaghan, Second Sine, Thomas Datt, The Thrillseekers, Sam Mitcham, EverLight, John 00 Fleming, The Digital Blonde, John Askew, Oliver Lieb, Indecent Noise, Activa, M.I.KE. Push and I guess that's enough.